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Pumps - Motors
60HP Diesel HPU for Belt Winder5HP Low-Noise HPUs7.5 HP Vertical Style HPU5HP Low-Noise HPU10 HP Dump Body HPU25HP Horizontal Style HPU60HP Diesel HPU for Belt Winder12 Volt DC HPU7.5 HP Vertical Style HPU50 HP Horizontal Style HPUHydraulic Torque Wrench Test Unit50 HP Horizontal Style HPUs7.5 HP Vertical Style HPU7.5 HP Vertical Style HPU75HP Hydraulic Test Unit HPU7.5 HP Vertical Style HPU50 HP Horizontal Style HPU w/ Sensors and Electrical Wiring12 Volt DC HPU25HP Horizontal Style HPU2HP for Quarry ApplicationHydraulic Torque Wrench Test Unit25HP Horizontal Style HPU12 Volt DC HPU7.5 HP Vertical Style HPU25 hp Very Low Noise Unit25 hp Very Low Noise Unit25 hp Very Low Noise UnitCustom Power Unit, 15hp/12gpm/
Pneumatic ValveManually Operated Hydraulic D05 ValveSolenoid Operated Clamp Valve Ass'ys w/ Adapters4-Section Pilot Operated Directional ValveHigh Pressure Steel Ball ValvesLow Pressure Brass Ball ValveCustom Hydraulic Valve Block3-Station D05 Manifold Valve Ass'yD05 Hydraulic Valve Ass'y w/ Pressure SwitchSolenoid Operated Clamp Valve Ass'yLever Operated Clamp Valve Ass'ySolenoid Operated Hydraulic Valve Block Ass'yHydraulic JoystickCustom Dump Valve for Refuse Trucks2-Section Directional Control Valve, Solenoid Operated, DIN-Style Coils3-Section Pilot Operated Directional ValveSingle Section Directional Control Valve, Lever Operated w/  Optional Air ShifterSolenoid Operated Clamp Valve Ass'ys w/ Adapters5-Section Hydraulic Proportional Valve Ass'y 'Before'5-Section Hydraulic Proportional Valve Ass'y 'New Replacement'Single Spool Directional Control Valve, Lever Operated w/  Optional Air Shifter5-Station D03 Manifold Ass'y2-Spool Directional Valve, Lever and Solenoid OperatedHydraulic D08 Valves with D03 Modular Valves Between Pilot ValveSolenoid Operated Clamp Valve Ass'ys w/ AdaptersSolenoid Operated Valve Ass'yHigh Pressure Steel Ball Valves w/ Locking Tab6 Station Valve Stack
Commercial Style Tandem Hydraulic PumpHydraulic Motor and Chemical Pump Combo w/ Custom Foot BracketHydraulic Vane PumpElectric Oil Drum PumpHydraulic Steering Control UnitAir Operated Hydraulic Treadle PumpHydraulic Gear MotorHydraulic Gear Pump75CC Sauer-Danfoss 90 Series Hydrostat PumpAir Operated Hydraulic Treadle PumpHydraulic PTO Pump90 Series Sauer-Danfoss Hydrostat PumpDresser Hydraulic PumpHydrostat Pump with Charge Pump for Top Drive UnitsVickers PVB Piston PumpHydraulic Hand Pump Ass'ys with Gauge and Hose.
Custom Hydraulic Cylinder and ValveWelded Cross-Tube Style Hydraulic CylinderCustom Hydraulic Cylinder with D03 Pad and ValveCustom Hydraulic Cylinder with D03 Pad and ValveCustom Hydraulic Cylinder with D03 Pad and ValvePneumatic Arbor PressDouble Rod Hydraulic CylinderHydraulic Stabilizer LegHydraulic Lift CylinderWelded- Style CylinderTie Rod Style CylinderAluminum Pneumatic CylinderHydraulic Cylinder8" Bore Compactor Cylinder Repair8" Bore Compactor Cylinder RepairCylinder Repair with Custom Hoses
1 Button Digital Shift Tower2 Button Digital Shift TowerDigital Shift Tower Connector Cable4" NPT Pipe NippleNon-Conductive Hydraulic HoseBeta ClampsO-ring KitsPTO Hydraulic Driven GeneratorO-ring KitO-ring KitHydraulic FiltersLiquid Filled Pressure GaugesDP Winch Rebuild 'Before'DP Winch Rebuild 'After'Wireless Remote ControlWireless Remote TransmitterCustom Hydraulic Hose Ass'yHydraulic Driven StarterFoot BracketHydraulic TesterHydraulic StarterCustom Hydraulic Hose Ass'y with FiresleeveSoft Start ValveHydraulic StarterEPHA Hose ProtectorEPHA Hose ProtectorHigh Pressure Filter Ass'yPTODesiccant BreatherCustom Flange Elbow
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AFP Kits
Allison Frac Transmission Filter KitKomatsu O-Ring KitKomatsu O-Ring KitWirtgen O-Ring KitWirtgen O-Ring KitBonded Seal KitFlaretite Seal KitFlaretite Seal Kit